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    As I have been studying for Easter Sunday,

I came across this information I wanted to share.  
  In the early part of the century, there was a group of lawyers who gathered in England to discuss the accounts in the Bible that spoke of the resurrection. It was their goal to see if they could come up with enough information to be able to make a case for the resurrection that would hold up in an English court of law.  When they had finished their study, they published the results of their investigation and said that the resurrection of Jesus was one of the most well-established facts of history.
   The article went on to mention the writing of G.B. Hardy who wrote the book, "Countdown" and raised the following questions about the resurrection. He writes, "There are but two essential requirements: 1. Has anyone cheated death and proved it? 2- Is it available to me?  Here is the complete record. Confucius' tomb - occupied. Mohammed's tomb - occupied. Jesus' tomb - empty! Argue as you will, there is no point in following a loser.
   Friends, the resurrection is NOT a fable but is fact. And there are people who have given up their very lives for this truth. He's Alive! He's Alive! He lives in my heart! 

   Have a blessed Easter!
         ​  ​       - Preacher Chuck

Meet the Pastor

Preacher Chuck is a Spartanburg native.  He graduated from Spartanburg High School and attended Spartanburg Community College and Beaver Creek Bible Institute.  He is married to Libby Bullman Thornton and has two children, Dawn Thornton Guy and Charles Thornton II (Chip).  He is the proud grandfather of five  granddaughters - Dru, Daphne, Delaney and Daelyn Guy and Selah Thornton and grandson Jake. He is a member of the Palmetto Conference  of the Free Will Baptist, where he serves as Clerk. His hobbies are hunting, fishing and spending time with his grandchildren.