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Preacher Chuck is a Spartanburg native.  He graduated from Spartanburg High School and attended Spartanburg Community College and Beaver Creek Bible Institute.  He is married to Libby Bullman Thornton and has two children, Dawn Thornton Guy and Charles Thornton II (Chip).  He is the proud grandfather of five  granddaughters - Dru, Daphne, Delaney and Daelyn Guy and Selah Thornton and grandson Jake. He is a member of the Palmetto Conference  of the Free Will Baptist, where he serves as Clerk. His hobbies are hunting, fishing and spending time with his grandchildren.  



  Faith over Fear - We say it, we read it, we see it everywhere we go. But do we practice it? If faith was easy, everyone would be faithful. Being a Christian isn't about knowing what is in store for you. It is the decision to choose faith when life tells you something different. It is looking not at your past, but in your future. Yes, it is about FAITH.
  How often has fear stopped you from pursuing your goals? Ever the bully, fear will tempt and taunt you to doubt God's love and good plans for you. God says His children are overcomers. When you respond to fear with God's Word and act anyway, fear becomes a training ground, producing boldness and testimonies. Be the OVERCOMER God says YOU ARE. Speak OVER the FEAR!
  Through faith in the Lord, lives are changed, blessings are received and hope is restored. Faith in the Lord is the beginning of a new life filled with awe and wonder at God's great and mighty power. 

   Let your faith carry you through these unsettling days ahead. God is bigger than anything we face. Let your FAITH be bigger than your FEAR!  How great is our God!
   Keep trusting!

​       - Preacher Chuck

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